Sunday, 3 June 2012

Red Leather Day

I only picked up a few things during the week, and they happened to be red and leather. Two lovely round boxes in embossed leather, one big, one small. I can't resist anything that can be used as storage in some way or another. If they don't find a useful home in my home, they will be for sale.

I don't know why i bought these, they are too high for me, and shiney red shoes, although fabulous are really not me. I mean, are these the right kind of footwear for letting out the chickens, pottering in the polytunnel or for doing the school run?

They are lined in the most lovely purple colour, and this colour combination always reminds me of an old friend of mine who, for her wedding  wore a red satin Vivienne westwood knee length outfit and her husband wore this sort of purple shirt. It is a most unusual colour combination that always reminds me of her.

Does every house have a sweetie jar? We do, it has sort of come about because whenever Little Bee is deluged with sweetie offerings (Christmas, Easter, Birthdays, Tuesdays, Halloween, Thursdays, any day) I can divert them to the sweetie jar and dish them out in a vaguely moderate way.  I broke the jar a while back and have been using just one of my regular Le Parfait jars. I found this today for €3, and i reckon having a sweetie jar that you can't see directly into is going to be a good thing.
Little Bee tells me that it is not nearly big enough.!

I arrived late at a Jumble sale this afternoon and there was basically only tat left.  I didn't want to leave completely empty handed so I scoured until i found this grey satin hair pin and the net and bead brooch.
For 20c each, they'll jussh up a vintagey outfit sometime. 


  1. The shoes do look very high indeed, but i agree it is a wonderful colour combo, i have a purple shift dress i wear with a bright red cardi and it's absolutely my fave outfit colourwise. We too are getting to the stage where a lolly jar is necessary (kiwis have 'lollie scrables' for kids at the drop of a hat and claud recently sussed how they work, i'd be chuffed if i found a jar as cool as that one x

    1. Hi Max, the older i get the less high a shoe i can manage, but the more swayed by memories and nostalgia. You will have to explain what a lollie scrable is(and how they work). It sounds like a toddler fight? x

  2. So, that is the shoes you mentioned on my 70's summer catalogue post - they could have very well have come from there, very 70's

    Love the little jar!!

  3. Love your new sweetie jar, we've got a biscuit jar in our house and a chocolate cupboard! I agree with the shoes not being practical for the chickens, I've had to put a new shoe system into practice to avoid chicken crap all over the house, very nice shoes though!

  4. The boxes are wonderful!!!

    The Joyful Thrifter

    P.s I am your newest follower :)

  5. I know what you mean about items that are potential storage containers. They are hard to pass up, especially when they are as cute as the red leather ones you found!

  6. Those boxes are fab and those shoes are gorgeous, loving the purple lining. Too high? Pffft! They're for posing in! xxx

  7. Great red finds! I do that too sometimes. My finds seem to have a matching theme. I guess it just may be what happens to be catching my eye that week. Thanks for joining us at Cap Creations.

  8. Wow I love all your finds. Not sure I could wear heels that high anymore either though!

    The embossed leather boxes are gorgeous and I love the sweetie jar. Thanks for linking up x

  9. I've also got a bit of a thing about stuff I can use for storage - can't resist rusty old tins! The sweetie jar is fab and adore the colour of the shoes - would admire rather than wear though :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment, I'm so pleased to have found your blog too x

  10. Love the sweetie jar, we have a sweetie tin but it's not as cool as yours!


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