Friday, 29 June 2012

Thank God its Friday

I'm trying to limit my self to two glasses of wine.


  1. That's hilarious and so are your plunger cover pics!
    Just poured myself a glass - it's been a long week.

    Probably the last thing you want to hear on a friday night, but I did tag you in a meme a few days ago (called 11) - feel free to completely ignore it, just wanted to let you know x

  2. Oh, I needed this! Too funny! Clicked on your blog as soon as I saw the title! Unfortunately not home from work yet, but in an hour, I will have a gigantic glass in my hand too. Thanks, Pam :-)

  3. From a girl who drinks white wine out of those very large red wine glasses - great cartoon!

  4. This pick is just so me.....not in looks but the size of the wine glass.....please pour me a drink in this xxx

  5. Just bought a lovely bottle of Merlot this aftenoon ThriftBee and will raise a slightly smaller glass than the one above to you tonight. We are eating out and I am driving so I will be saying 'hello' to the vino when Ive got me jammies on. :) Have a good weekend.


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