Sunday, 23 December 2012

A couple of things i made earlier........

Every year I write a 'lessons learnt' note to myself as a reminder of how to have a smoother running run up to Christmas. Like many  hundreds of others I have spent many Christmas Eve's painting, sewing or embroidering and then wrapping and generally getting annoyed at myself for not having tackled some of this sooner. 
I store this note to myself, along with this years present list (as a reminder of what i gave) and the Christmas card list , in the box of Halloween stuff in the attic, because if I put it with the Christmas decorations then its just too late.

Things on the list.....
1. Start making cards/presents in November.
2. Wrap fudge as soon as its made so you don't eat it.
3. Wrapping takes half a day - don't leave it all till the last minute.
4. Aldi's version of Baileys is just fine.

For some reason, I have never managed to achieve Christmas preparation completion, and i hope i don't speak too soon, but this year has been the best yet.

Every year i make a wreath for the door. I left it a little late this year, next year, i'd like to have it done even before the tree goes up. No berries on the holly this year so I added the toadstools. I like them.

Mr Thrift Bee insisted I dug up the parsnips to day, to ensure that 'if they looked like the elephant man, we would still have time buy some supermarket ones' Dear God man, even ugly homegrown vegetables taste better than supermarket ones.

I think you'll agree though, that my slim and tall parsnips are the handsomest in the land.

Thanks to those of you who commented on Pine Cone Bob at the end of my last post. He came about after I had made my snowflake. I made several of them and they all sold at the flea market last weekend. 


  1. those parsnips looks like they will taste great. I loved roasted parsnips.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family,

    Gill in Canada

  2. Like the idea of a lesson learnt list because I always forget those little details.

  3. I can safely say I have never painted, sewn or embroidered on Christmas Eve! Drunk too much, yes...
    Every year, I think I will be more organised. Never happens. But it all get done, so no worries.
    I love roast parsnips! Your slender supermodels parsnips are gorgeous, get them in the oven with the potatoes, delicious!
    Happy Christmas to you! xxxxx

  4. My Dad's Carrot ALWAYS look like the elephant man. I swear they are mutant carrots. (They usually have legs... amongst other things *shudder*)

    Your wreath is so sweet, it is enchanting with the toad stools.

  5. Our wreath is bare and the gingerbread house though baked has neither been constructed nor decorated. And i cant be bothered! If you start too early you just fill in the space with new last minute projects anyway!
    Have a wonderful, lazing christmas lovely lady x

  6. I love the toadstools; they add such a vintage 70s vibe!

    Those are the prettiest darn parsnips I've seen in a while. :)

    Happy holidays to you, have a great one! xo

  7. Those parsnips are things of beauty! The wreath is fabulous (I'd be scared of it being nicked!)
    Like Curtise I'm more likely to be getting drunk rather than attempt anything crafty!
    Have a fab Xmas! xxx

  8. Mmmmm. beautiful parsnips. i KNOW. The day after Chrstmas I always vow that next year I will be far more organized and ambitious and it just never happens. It has become my holiday tradition. Wishing you wonderful days! Love from Connie & Pancake.

  9. Wow your parsnips are great! Enjoy x

  10. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the New Year.
    Love from Mum

  11. Your parsnips look marvellous Thrift Bee. Your wreath is just beautiful. We had no berries on our holly this year either. Must mean something. I spend Christmas Eve in a flurry trying to finish off too. I need to be more organised. Well done to you getting things done. Happy New Year to you and yours. God bless.

  12. Hope you had a lovely Christmas, and Happy new Year 2013 to you. I leave the wrapping to my husband, it's only fair as I do the shopping and write all the labels and Christmas cards. Totally agree on the edible presents thing!


    New Year's Resolutions of the Stars!

  13. Hi Thriftbee. How are you :) What are you doing over January. Its nippy weather ahead of us for a while now. Take care, Pat x

  14. Most definitely the handsomest turnips I've ever seen and I also love the toadstools in the wreath! Sarah xxx

  15. Hi Thriftbee.

    Hope all ok with you. You haven't posted in a while and I was thinking about you. God bless x


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