Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Pinecone snowflake/Making something for nothing

I gathered up bag fulls of pine cones when we felled some trees this year. They have been drying off in the shed for months. I love making something from nothing I was intent on making pinecone and beeswax firestarters. Unfortunatly they are the wrong kind of pine cone, because these little beggers only smoulder and don't catch alight.

So what to do with two large bags of scutty fireproof pinecones.......and came up with this.....

I cut out a large circle of card.

Drew a rough snowflake shape.

Cut it out.

One glue stick was the sum total expense of this project, all other materials free or produced on the ranch.
It took about half an hour in total and.....


Light faded when i got it hung up, so excuse the dark photo.

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  1. Brilliant Bee! Simple and very effective :)

  2. That's brilliant. You might just be a genius! xxxx

  3. BEE-yoo-ti-ful!! By the way, I did a little research, looked up Wicklow. Oh my goodness. What a gorgeous place! Why my ancestors decided to leave Ireland to come here I will never understand. Thank you dear Bee for all of your nice wishes. I look forward to getting back into the blog stuff some time after the New Year. Happy Holidays to all of the Bees!

  4. Well done friend! It looks great!

  5. That is ace you clever thing! Christmassy but also just generally seasonal i would keep that up all winter long. I know a tree that has those kind of cones, i must remember to go have a fossick x

  6. Oh how fab! I love those long pinecones and we don't really get them round here, wrong type of trees obviously. I also have a bag of them in the utility room, I should really have stuck a few on my wreath.

  7. Lovely idea! I was just given some yesterday and am wondering what to do with them apart from just putting them in a bowl. You have certainly given me an idea to use!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  8. That is a fab idea, so cheap to make but very pretty!

  9. What a genius idea, I have a small collection of them and have been wondering what to do with them. Brilliant x

  10. That's gorgeous!I want one!!

  11. Wow! Amazing! I am now planning a walk in the woods with the little one tomorrow, she's gonna love that (she won't and it will probably rain so I'll just have to live vicariously through you, ho hum). x

  12. Superb Thrift Bee. Beautiful.:)

  13. Hi Thrift bee

    Hope life treating you well. I miss your posts.

    God bless x


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