Monday 3 September 2012

Thrift Share Monday

It has taken until the second day of Autumn for the Summer to arrive here in Wicklow. So my haul this week was photographed outside, in the sunshine, after i had planted out my winter swedes in the vegetable garden.

Last week the thrift Gods were on a bit of a go slow for me, but sure enough this week....wham, bam and thank-you thrifty m'am!!! A rare enough jumble sale and a couple of car boots later and I've ended up with a sizable haul that i'm pleased with.

Mirror mirror on the wall.......I'll use this to display jewelry on for a while, until someone offers the right price. It has a lovely little cherub on top.

Wooden towel rail, I already have one of these in the bathroom but I bought this one on Saturday to display my crochet and linen pieces for sale on Sunday. They looked nice, certainly easier to browse.

Three table cloths, all came up beautifully after they were laundered. The crochet one is huge, for an oval dining table, it had a big stain in the middle and a dry cleaning ticket attached with a safety pin, suggesting it had been cleaned and the stain remained. I threw a bit of bleach over the stain and everywhere the bleach touched went bright purple.Aaaghhh! So into the washing machine it went and thankfully when it came out it was snow white. 

The second tablecloth is cream linen with beige cut out embroidery. The third one, I'm pretty sure is hand embroidered. 

Three becomes a bit of a theme this week 

These shallow baskets could be used for display for the Christmas craft fair, or if not, they will make nice hamper baskets. 

Finally, my creme de la creme, three lovely blankets, two picnic baskets and a partridge in a .....oh no, sorry.

The orange and green check blanket, and the yellow with the stripe are both 100% wool. The two wool blankets along with the granny square one set me back the princely sum of €7

And, once again, you wait and wait to get a picnic basket and then two come along at once.

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  1. Hello from the USA! The hand embroidered cloth is wonderful. Do the picnic baskets have real china in them? At least one of them looks that way. Thank you for your blog, I've been enjoying it very much.

    1. Oh Thank-you for your kind words Cindi.

      Very well spotted. One of the picnic baskets had nothing in it, and i happened to have four matching china mugs that are a bit perfect for it. I added the plate for the photo, but actually it is too heavy and makes the basket tip backwards. I'll need to find some vintagey paper plates for it.

      Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Oh such beautiful things. I love the embroidered linens. And I think you should hang the lovely mirror outside all the time. It's wonderful the way it reflects the green grass :)

  3. Wow, so many lovely vintage finds... love the beautiful mirror and the embroidery and I would love to find a gorgeous picnic basket :)

  4. Oh brilliant finds there.

    I love old wool blankets and picnic baskets.

    Blimey I bet you freaked out when you put bleach on that cloth! Glad it turned out ok.

  5. I love that mirror, and all your multiples, you did well! I have many tablecloths (too many really) but rarely use them, how daft is that? Picnic baskets and blankets are a match made in heaven. xxx

  6. *Ohhh so many goodies*
    I really like that mirror.
    The tablecloths are pretty and I a crazy about buying blankets. You would think we were going to have a blanket famine around here.

  7. You bagged some great buys! In particular I love the towel rail, I am on the lookout for one but they are very expensive around here, I just want to paint it so dont want a beautifully polished or waxed one.We have had some good buys too this week.

  8. Oh my, baskets, blankets and tablecloths - we have a lot in common. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and for becoming a follower. I've just popped in to nosey but I'll be back!
    Love from Mum

  9. You made some great scores with some of my favorite types of items. I have picnic and other baskets, linens and all that sort of thing too. Congratulations on those wonderful finds.

  10. I love finding wool blankets, something so christmassy about them. Great haul!

  11. Hi there! Picnic baskets are always great but I love your table cloths! They are lovely! Thanks for sharing your goodies at Cap Creations.

  12. Just stopping back by to let you know I featured you today!


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