Monday, 10 September 2012

Thrift Haul - Kitchenalia!

Another new Garden Fete with Bric-a -Brac netted me a few new lovelies this weekend. Although the first of my finds look very much like robots, they are in fact,

A marcato pasta maker, it weighs a lot so i could tell it was good quality. Unfortunately the removable handle  is missing. I have emailed the Italian company to see if i can get a replacement. A good pasta machine has been on my thrift list for an age!! Anyone else got this machine? Would you recommend it?

The next robot is actually another Italian piece, an aluminium juicer. Isn't she pretty!

OK, this is the piece i need help with. It was thrown in free with the other two. It appears to be missing a top  of some sort. It has a clear box to catch whatever is meant to be put through it. It also came with a plastic square scoop which may or may not belong with it. 

It has a handle on the other side which turns 5 metal hook shaped not sharp 'blades'. 
The only marking is a batch no. that brings up no result when googled.

                                                    Does anyone know what it is for?
I'd love to know before i get rid of it in case it's something i've always wanted. 

Cute little biscuit jar.

Two overnight/weekend bags. The brown one big enough for a weekend perhaps. The black one is leather and at first I thought it was a briefcase but inside........

it has a sexy red lining.

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  1. Hi, I believe your mystery machine is an ice crusher. I had a similar one before. It does look like it should have a lid. Mine had a lid with little prongs that held the ice down on the blades when the handle was cranked. Hope that helps!

    1. Agh! that is what it is. Thank-you so much for identifying it so quickly. We crushed some ice to try it out, and it works great. Don't know if i can justify the shelf space to keep it though.
      Think I'd probably use a plastic bag and rolling pin if I ever had need for crushed ice.
      We are not big on cocktails around here.

  2. Yes the mystery item is a ice crusher, it's missing it's top. But you may be able to find a replacement for that also.
    I have a similar one from the 60's made by Swing-a-way.
    That cookie jar is so cute and I love your suitcases. I always have a hard time passing up luggage. =D

  3. What a lovely biscuit jar!

    And the 'sexy red lining' made me smile :)

  4. Love that juicer and the biscuit jar, I'm a sucker for kitchenalia. I must confess that I have a pasta machine just like that one that I've used more for rolling out icing than pasta!!

  5. Great haul :) I'd love a pasta machine but have never struck lucky at any sales.

    By the looks of it some have solved the mystery item too :)

  6. Ooh, I'm so jealous of your pasta-maker! I've wanted one for ages now, actually since I (stupidly) sold one I'd been given... I've regretted it ever since!! Good haul - happy crushing!

  7. I wouldnt have known what any of your metal equipment was unless you had told me! Seriously, we love pasta but have never thought of making our own.Hope you manage to get the missing part.

  8. An ice crusher? It has to be mojitos tonight surely? Who cares if it's Monday? Mojito could catch on...

    1. I said i wasn't big on cocktails, but i remember having the most delicious mojito's in Italy years ago.

      Mmmmm Mojito Monday - it certainly has a good ring to it.

      I have plenty of mint in the garden, wonder if i could grow limes in the polytunnel?

  9. I've had some pasta flour sitting in my cupboard for over a year, so it's probably about time I thought about getting a pasta maker. Yours does look good. Love to see what you make with it.
    Yummy little biscuit jar too.

  10. Love the sexy red lining!!!

  11. I'm glad others have helped you with identifying the ice crusher, I wouldn't have known at all!
    Nice gadgetry, I have the very same biscuit barrel, and who can resist vintage luggage?!
    PS. How's Russell settling in? Xxx

  12. I have always wanted a juicer like that!

  13. I LOVE the black red lining...indeed! 8-) Too bad you're not closer. We have two Myers Lemon bushed just loaded down this year! So exciting! 8-)


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