Monday, 17 September 2012

Thrift Haul - Coffee and crafting

Ever since creative blogger Hey Homewrecker posted about putting her sunflowers in the coffee pot that she found in a skip, I've been on the lookout for a coffee pot of my own, and this weekend I found it. 

Complete with lovely Autumn flowers and leaves. Its in perfect condition and was €2. Thanks Linda for the inspiration.

Wool bought on Saturday basket bought on Sunday €3 the lot.

Huge bundle of old knitting patterns, lots of hideous mohair from the 80's but a few goodies.
I love sorting through piles of old patterns - found a few gems.

I need to get knitting for Mr Thrift Bee....

a balaclava and fingerless gloves, and a football scarf with bobble hat.
Ooooh he's gonna love it!!!!

knits for all the family.

even for kids who have 

never been to the dentist.

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  1. Love your post...great finds. Oh, that poor kid really needed a dentist! :-)

  2. That last picture is just a bit scary - poor guy!!

  3. I just LOVE vintage knitting books! The photos are a total crack up, as you so clearly demonstrated, plus the patterns are usually far more practical than those in current books! Go figure. Way cool coffee pot.

  4. Brilliant! You found one and it's lovely! That poor kids teeth! so bad

  5. the coffee pot and basket are lovely. looks like there's good thrifting in Ireland! i've just found you via apronthrift girl. i'll be back!

  6. Totally loving the balaklava - you HAVE to knit that.

    Adore the basket too - I have a large and a mini one of these, my and daughter take them foraging :0)

  7. Mwhaaha brilliant post! That picture is just classic and I need his white jumper!

  8. Some fantastic finds! Well done.

  9. Excellent haul! That kids teeth will haunt my dreams though...

  10. Fab coffee pot, I have a frock made from fabric in a similar pattern!!!
    I adore old knitting patterns,love the realism!X

  11. Oh that basket is so great. Love the shape!!

  12. Poor lad! Do like his jumper though. I've loads of old knitting patterns, quite a few bought just for the pictures...they're something else!
    Love your Bee picture by the way x

  13. I'm a terrible coffee pot hoarder, I'd never considered using them as vases until Linda posted a photo. x

  14. Great finds - especially those old knitting patterns! Like the basket too - they are so expensive in the shops.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  15. Great finds! I also like old patterns which show the style of the good old times...

  16. what a good idea to use tall coffee pots as vases - i think i got the bug now, and will be on the lookout for one of my own too :)

    seeing the knitting patterns made me miss london carboots :)

    love the previous posts' kitchen goodies too!

    Aniko from Finland

  17. What a very good idea, I will pinch it immediately!
    Love the photos on old knitting patterns, especially of men and kids, thay always make me laugh.
    As did your comment on my blog! Come on then, let's see those poses! And another pic of my adopted name-a-rooster Russell, please! xxx

  18. Eek, poor lad! At least he has a lovely jumper.

    I have a pic somewhere on my blog of my coffee pot with freesias coming out of the spout - looks slightly mental, probably sunflowers work better!

  19. Hi there, I have stumbled upon your blog via Vintage Vicki.

    Thanks so much for showing an interest in my Autumn Views Challenge - of course you would be most welcome to join in!

    I have the little challenge pic on my sidebar if you want to copy it to yours?

    Looking forward to seeing which view you choose!



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