Saturday, 8 September 2012

Betty, Bluebell, Ginger and............

Thank-you to everyone who came up with suggestions for naming the last remaining hen and our handsome rooster. Little Bee thoroughly enjoyed deliberating over every name, although would not commit until her Nana (my mum) asked her over dinner last night. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, meet Rosy and Russell (as in Crow) Thank-you so much to Connie and Curtise for their inspired choices. Do check out their wonderful blogs to discover many more talents than just excellent chicken naming.


  1. Excellent name choices if I may say so!

  2. So I can add chicken naming to my list of talents, hehe! Thanks for the name check, hope Russell is strutting around, tail up! xxx

  3. Yay! I told my family that I had just named a chicken in Ireland and they were very confused but very proud just the same. Russell Crow. How funny. I hope the hens and Russ will be very happy together ;)


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