Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Ta-Dah Tuesday - lunch and dinner

I needed a coat and brolly to head to the polytunnel this morning. 
It has been raining for 48 hours non-stop and I really mean non-stop. Inside the polytunnel is beginning to feel decidedly Autumnal, which is not a good thing. Peppers, tomatoes, aubergines and cucumbers like inside the polytunnel to be like a sauna and that is not going to happen again for about 8 months.

But i still had a trug load to bring in.  Ta-dah.!

Green and yellow courgettes, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and beetroot.

Lunch: Rocket, beetroot, goats cheese, and pine nut salad.
Dinner: Chicken, courgettes, peppers and cous cous with sweet chilli sauce.

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  1. Hey there Thrift Bee, thanks for stopping by my blog - hope you liked the crumble. Your harvest looks lovely.

  2. Those courgettes look amazing, and your meals for today sound delish. I've have grown nothing this year, very poor show. (Aside from apples and pears, and they do their thing with no input from me)

  3. Your meals for today sound wonderful, like a taste of summer! Gorgeous trug and very attractive veg, Mrs! xxx

  4. I'm so impressed! your homegrown veg looks so good!

  5. Your veg does look amazing Bee. Pretty as a picture..and talking of pictures, would you like a duck print? I'd like to send you one - let me know and we can sort out the best way to get it to you x

  6. Hello Thrift Been

    Have been a member for a while and have eventually got around to commenting:):) I haven't been in Wicklow in about 15 years. We stayed in Bray and travelled around when our kids were very young. Lovely part of the world. Well done on your veg. Our spuds are ok this year but we have no cooking apples or eating apples. Our plum tree the same but loads of crab apples for jelly making. This has been the result of a wet Spring I think. Our Onions are excellent this year so at least that is something. I do envy your polytunnel. I am on a hill and very exposed so am trying to plant laurel hedging(from slips off an existing hedge) that will grow to protect one in years to come.

    I love reading about your adventures of collecting items for sale and keep. So will comment more in the future I promise. Take care.

  7. Oh wow it all looks so delightful & yummy!

  8. Wow thats impressive, especially for ireland the growing season must becquite short there? I like to grow something new each year, this year i'm going to have a bash at aubergines-any tips? Bon appetit!

  9. oh wow! love those red tomatoes and courgettes! it's been raining non stop here too..

    blog hopping from ta dah tuesday

    x susan

  10. many things to eat at lunch! :D yummy!

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  11. How I Love this! Another inspiring photo :)

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  12. Stopping by to have a nosey about and just love how delish your veg looks! Hope dinner was a success? I'm sure it was :) *waves hello* from a new follower, Hazel x


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