Friday, 29 June 2012


I bought a kitchen gadget yesterday. I had no idea what it is for.  It has a plunger, no spout to pour, and liquid measurements up the side. It is also Pyrex and in very good condition. It was marked €2.20 and the shop was having a 50% off everything day.

I brought it to the counter and added it to a small pile of other bits. The lady asked me would i mind telling her what it was for as no-one in the shop had been able to work it out. I told her i had no idea.
For €1.10 i felt it was worth the entertainment value of bringing it home to google and find out exactly what the makers of Pyrex expected from this little item.

So I google images of 'Pyrex plunger' and after five rows of coffee plungers I come across my item on a blog called Miss P. (photo from same)  I happen to dip Miss P's blog it is full of great sewing tips. Miss P appears to have bought the same item, and also searched on the internet.

 During her search she posted this picture, which happens to come from the blog of  my current favorite  fabulous fashionista Vintage Vixen who not only bought the same item, but had bought it twice and obviously knew exactly what it was for.  So, Vix, I can't work out whether to keep it or sell it, you bought it twice, what do you use it for? 

Furthering my investigation, I came across an Etsy plunger page. Lots of cake decorating plungy gadgets, cafetieres, and of course.............. novelty toilet plunger covers.......Who Knew!

Ceramic plunger covers from a shop specializing in plunge art called PLUNJart!

Possibly my favourite (although its so hard to choose) are these handmade ones that will also hold the toilet tissue on the handle of the plunger. Brilliant, attractive and space efficient! The bear is larger, as you can see from the photo, it is half door height. Is it for a super duper extra large toilet plunger?

 Doll/bug/bear  billed as 'adorable and unique' 

No its an 'attractive' way to disguise your vacuum or carpet cleaner! and its only $47 I kid you not. Click on the link.  

My plunger is fecked in the back of what i call my cleaning cupboard, am i alone? Do you all have wild and exotic plunge art on proud display in your bathrooms?


  1. Hey thrift bee. Quirky little gadget isn't it? The conclusion I came to is that it is for mixing dressings, whisking up omelette mix etc. I'd imagine you could get quite a fluffy omelette mix out of this baby! I've yet to use mine. You've reminded me to dig it out and give it a try!

  2. Hmm. Maybe to froth milk and then you spoon it out?
    No plunger art here its hard enough trying to keep the kid away from it withou them wearing such enticing little dresses!

  3. What a coincidence! I use mine for making chilli vodka - decant it into the jar, add the chopped and de-seeded chillies and mash them down with the sieve thing plus it's a brilliant container for premixing dried milk when we've got no fresh in the house. x

  4. Oh dear lord, just when you think you've seen every hideous service a soft toy can be pressed into!

    No idea what that pyrex thingy is mind you, but I like Vix's use for it.


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