Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Bird cam update (2)

The two Great Tit chicks that we've been following on our  bird camera have grown so fast, it really is a reminder of how fast our own babies grow, although thankfully not quite as fast as this....

May 14th tiny and bald

May 20th hungry and half feathered

                                                          May 31st ........Holy moly as big as Mum!

June 1st....Empty nest. They probably fledged early in the morning. Hopefully they'll hang around and continue to eat hundreds of caterpillars from my veg garden.

Have a good life little ones.....Thanks for appearing on Thrift Bee TV.


  1. Amazing! For a gal who grew up in the country, I'm surprisingly ignorant of fledglings and the process they go through - until yesterday, when what looked like a fully-grown bird ended up just sitting in our backyard - all day. We thought it was injured but a few calls to our local animal rescue centre, and then witnessing the poor thing try to fly and flop every which way, convinced us this was indeed a birdie testing out its wings for the first time. We left it alone as instructed and it was gone by dusk - hopefully turning somersaults in the sky and hanging out with its feathered friends!

    Found you through Vix! :)


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