Thursday, 31 May 2012

To bloggers everywhere....

On this last day of May, can i just say.........

and welcome  to my first 12 followers of my fledgling blog.

And  to Max , Vicki, Vix, Linda, Meg, Joy and Cheap Chick, Cheerful Thrifty Door,  Jill,  Laura, 
Margaret-Rose and  Lakota I'd like to say......

for your kind words of encouragement and letting me know you were reading....

and to bloggers everywhere........(some of you mentioned above)

 for enjoying your blogs, copying your crafts, laughing at your jokes, envying your finds and soaking up your style and never........ever.......leaving a bloody comment to say how much i enjoyed your hard work.

Forgive Me. x


  1. .....and A BIG you too!!! Meg x x

  2. Coming right back at cha, specially regarding envy inducing finds! X

  3. Aw, you're welcome! (and I appreciate your comments)


  4. I am guilty of everything ... I am going to do my best to leave comments. I know I love receiving and reading them and I will start clicking that follow button a little bit more. Great reminder - love the post.

  5. You are very welcome, I'm happy to have found you! x

  6. Answer to Comment about followers and linky followers.

    My best guess is - different people in each group. Followers apparently no longer works except for Bloggers/Google so that is why link followers was written (my best guess again) so that bloggers could continue to follow other bloggers no matter which platform they used for writing their blogs. Hope that somewhat answers your question (from comment on my blog).

  7. And hello and thankyou to you! If i'm the Linda mentioned in the blog I am most honored :) x

  8. Nicest apology ever - I am so guilty of the same thing!

  9. This just made me smile!! What a cute post!

    The Joyful Thrifter


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