Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Chainsaw massacre

I nervously arrived home late on Sunday afternoon and was relieved to find my very own mad ax man still alive and well and delighted with himself. Three very large trees successfully felled and remains removed from the driveway. 

This is the gaping hole left 

The top half of the tree.

Next winters fuel for the range.

Three tall ones still left to do.

Lets in much more light to the drive.

Job well done.

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  1. Holy moly, wielding a chainsaw puts my efforts with a hammer and machine needle to shame!

    I'm beginning to think we should all be very jealous of where you live...looks gorgeous.

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. Back in the days, he was a punk, still is at heart, he was most impressed with your earrings. He's not normally impressed with bloggers but you are now queen bee for sure! Thanks for dropping by.

  3. we did the very same thing a few years back. 7 massive Leylandii trees had to come down. Then last year, we tooke the tops out of some just as tall, about 25 in all. I';m not cut out for that sort of work!

    1. It's pretty scary stuff when your watching the menfolk do the work. The sound of them crashing to the ground is pretty scary too. I rather be out of the way and not annoying them with my fussing. .... They can make their own tea!

  4. Oooh scary times! My dad and brothers and other half cut down some trees a while back. Yours looked dangerously close to the cables.

    Good work that man!

    1. He's a pretty handy lad to have around! The cable is only the phone line. All the trees were falling the opposite direction. They were really big trees though.

  5. I'm sure there should be some joke in here about getting wood, that timber should keep you warm all winter long. Nice work!

  6. What a stunning location! He did very well indeed, you must have one heck of a chainsaw. I know who'll be looking forward to winter around the log fire. x

  7. Looks fantastic!! I wish i lived there, your driveway has that vintage classy village feel with the dirt trail. And was that really only the top HALF of the tree?! That things a monster then!! Hahaha. Good luck, and god bless.

    -Carlos Hernandez
    Tree Service New York


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