Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Bird cam update (1)

These babies are literally growing right before our eyes. Both Mummy and Daddy Great Tit are doing a terrific job at clearing my garden of caterpillars and bringing up their two little chicks. Mr Bee reckons they are bringing in hundreds of morsels a day.

I didn't manage to capture on camera the moment just before these pics when Daddy Great Tit came into the bird box and fed Mummy Great Tit. It was a reall Ahhh! moment. I did manage to capture MGT doing a lot of shifting about, then flying out of the box to return with a caterpillar for her rapidly growing babies.

Feed Me!

See the caterpillar in Mums mouth, sort of pale grey colour.

After snacktime they curl up for a quick snooze 

The top half of their bodies have grown feathers, they are still a little naked down below!

I'm feeling a little sick today, my 5 yr old has gone off to school not knowing that it is injection day! I feel absolutely terrible. I know she'll be fine, and the best way is to say nothing and not wind her up in advance. But i feel like i have betrayed her. She has an extra nice lunch even though its not 'treat' day, and i'll pick her up and treat her again. 

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  1. I love your bitd cam, I don't think I'd do anything else but sit and watch and oh and ahh over the feathery critters.
    Hope the little 'un got on okay, you did the kindest thing, better than getting her all worked up and scared. x
    PS Love your extra tent for your dresses. Thank goodness we've now got a campervan with a pop top, I can get loads in!


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