Monday, 28 May 2012

Thrift Share Monday

This weekend  was one of both buying and selling. We have some very tall trees in our garden that need felling before we start work on a small extension. Mr Bee and a very kindly friend were going to tackle them  together. I was not going to be of any help, hovering and worrying.

So it was a perfect afternoon to go and set up shop in a field belonging to one of only two Waldorf Steiner schools in Ireland.  It is not far from us, and having read various reports (not least through Selena at ATG) I was very interested to go along and have a nose around. What a very pleasant place it was too. A glorious sunny afternoon with a gentle breeze it was pure bliss. 

The class room for Yr 1,2 and 3

Mr B made me this same wellie boot rack, but ours is only for three pairs 

Grand big polytunnel 

With a good potato and strawberry harvest to come

Not at all strange in America, but i've never seen a homemade lemonade stand  in Ireland.

Plenty of play area for the littlies

Some of my recent thrift finds already for sale. The crochet tablecloth was only €2. and fits my table perfectly.

Some more of this weekends finds. 

I have been looking for a green jug with a narrow top to hold big bunches of sweet pea when they come, for my newly painted green kitchen. Picked this one up for €1 and on the way home came across a  wild (not in someones garden) lilac tree with blooms that i could reach. I carry a secateurs in the car during May for this very reason. The yellow roses were given to me by a fellow stallholder. A beautiful rose called Peace.

The etched plate is the same colour green and really rather nice, not sure whether it will find a use in my house though.

Brass hand clip. For holding letters or lists together. 

A large Le parfait for 50c, I use these a lot, and always pick them up when i see them.
Another glass cake stand which will be for sale.

These Pimpernel coasters and place mats will go into my Etsy shop which will get opened the next not quite so sunny day. For now, I'm off to plant tomatoes, courgettes and purple beans that all need planting out. Make hay while the sun shines!


  1. I had that very same coaster set....

  2. That jar and cake stand are so pretty, I'd have bought those like a shot!
    I thought at first that was your house, I was very impressed with the wellie storage, we need something like that outside the campervan when we're away. x

  3. Lovely Finds, I love the vase (the color is gorgeous) and it looks so pretty with the flowers!

  4. That vase is absolutely beautiful, I love the colour and how you've filled it. Am a big fan of vases generally and that one is lovely.

  5. Never seen a lemonade stand in Ireland?

    Nonsense, girl.

    Although they do call them by a different name.
    I think it's "pubs".

    What a lovely and fascinating blog you have. I will be back.

    Best wishes,

    Cottage Smallholder


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