Saturday, 25 August 2012

Time Capsule for the aliens.

As part of our ongoing extension project,  we had removed part of a garden wall attached to the back corner of our existing house and the corner needed to be strengthened. 

With the pouring of a small amount of concrete Little Bee and I decided it would be a perfect moment to sink a time capsule into the concrete which would soon set like stone.

She gathered mementos from me and her father, I donated a small piece of crochet, her Dad gave her a small polished stone, and she drew a picture of the three of us and our cottage along with the date. We put it in a small plastic jar and ceremoniously pushed it into the fast setting concrete.

She was certain that it would be aliens that would discover this valuable piece of information and instantly regretted not writing the note in 'alien'.

Some would say we should have better things to do with our time.

I say the aliens will probably be fascinated at this little piece of future history, I just hope they can read English.


  1. I think that's a perfectly reasonable way to spend your time! Aliens are multilingual, they'll understand. xxxx

  2. What an excellent idea! My kids would have loved a time capsule when they were younger. I am very impressed that Little Bee actually speaks alien. What a clever girl! Thanks for the nice note. I'm sure I'll be fine very soon. It's this crazy health care system in the US that causes the most pain. I so hope my friend Obama gets re-elected. Oops. Sorry to go all political on you. Take Care!

  3. No better way to spend your time! Love the time capsule idea


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