Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Ta-Dah Tuesday

I have been threatening to get this little job done for a while now, its the kind of job that i get around to on a day that I don't need to leave 'the ranch'. The perfect rainy dull day presented itself, last week and along with   a batch of blueberry jam (which didn't set very well) and a birthday cake for Little Bee, I made just three bottles of blackcurrant vodka.

The process is quite simple, sterilize bottles in the oven and leave to cool. 
Put blackcurrants in bottle.
Sprinkle liberally with sugar.
Top up with in vodka.
Shake gently to dissolve sugar.
Stash in cool dark place.
Will be ready by Halloween, but try to keep some until Christmas.

I normally make this with raspberries, but i'm loosing all faith in any Autumn raspberry harvest this year.
From what i read though the blackcurrant version is supposed to be excellent.

This is what it looks like this morning nearly a week later.

No, I haven't had a nip out of bottle no. 3 . I just ran out of vodka ;)

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  1. Oh YUM! We've lived for 3 years in a house with a plot full of blackcurrsnt bushes and I've never made this.... next year I will!! Visiting from Lakota :-)

    1. Brilliant, I'll let you know how mine turns out. Welcome and thanks for following.

  2. I made creme de cassis - using brandy and same kind of method as above - which was very successful, and made for a particularly fruity additive to Christmas cake. I did make some vodka too, but since I don't like it anyway I don't know whether it was any good! If you've got a glut of blackcurrants, icecream is an easy way to use up a load - you don't even need to pick all the stalks etc out (I really hat that bit!) as you just stew them down and seive them. The bitter fruit puree in a rich homemade icecream mix is fantastic, and the colour is amazing. I've got a few batches of the puree in the freezer for ice cream making later in the year.

  3. What an excellent idea. I must get to work! Thanks!

  4. Oh yours looks so much classier than my plum vodka in an ancient enormous squash bottle! (I will decant it when it's ready though). I wish I had a blackcurrant bush, maybe one day when I am a grown-up with a proper garden!

  5. I might try some with blackberries, they are plentiful here right now. Mine wouldn't last till Christmas though :)

  6. Oh Yum that looks and sounds delicious ;-)) dee x

  7. What a great idea, sounds wonderful! xx

  8. that's going to be so good!


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