Friday, 17 August 2012

Homegrown Homemade

You just cannot beat the taste of homemade strawberry jam. In this case homemade and homegrown strawberry jam. 
I have two ways of growing strawberries the early ones are grown in the polytunnel suspended from a shelf.  The later ones are outside and have to wait patiently for a bit of warmth from the sun.
When a strawberry flower is poorly pollinated, it can result in a  misshapen fruit. Whether it was lazy bees or the crappy weather we have been having this year the outdoor strawberry bed has produced the ugliest of ugly looking strawberries which is a complete contrast to the catwalk specimens that prompted me to start this very blog in the first place.

Anyway, some of the ugly strawberries along with some of the juice from the redcurrant harvest (for pectin to make it set) has made my first little batch of delicious strawberry jam.

Continuing on a homegrown theme, I just had to post a picture of my very colourful stir fry prep, everything here except the ginger is from my garden.

Mange tout, broccoli, carrot, yellow courgette, prizewinning purple beans  garlic and spring onions.
Colourful, healthy, nutritious, fresher than fresh, and practically free! 
The smug self satisfaction - priceless!!

Think i'll link up with Lakota's Ta dah Tuesday even though its Friday!


  1. Makes my mouth water looking at your jars of strawberry jam, and your veg is amazing! Bet that was the tastiest ever stir fry.
    Thank you Bee also for your lovely comment. Sometimes I think living this (army) life isn't maybe as bad as thinking about living it, if that makes any sense! He's back tomorrow evening (sun) Can't wait. And I've done four pics so far. Even surprised myself! Will post them v soon xx

  2. the stirfry ingredients look so fresh and lovely and good! i've never made jam.... but am going to try making tomato jam pretty soon...x

  3. Ooh yum, I love strawberry jam but generally one strawberry grows at a time in my pots and is then fought over by slugs/birds/the boys the second it ripens! Sorry I'm so late to comment, no wifi working at the house in the Lakes last week!


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