Tuesday, 7 August 2012

County Show

 August bank holiday weekend means our County Show. 
An Agricultural show that includes everything from 

vintage cars, 

amazing quilts,

unbelievable crafting skills,

and ingenuity.

Dog agility performances, led by large dogs but the 

little fellas were the most entertaining. 

The really serious business of judging the best breeds in farming begins at the bovine hairdressing salon.

                      The care and effort that goes into showing these wonderful animals is incredible

The judges deliberate 

Their decisions aren't just about the prizes and rosettes, but accolades in these shows also impact on the businesses of the farmers who breed and sell their prizewinning animals and their offspring.

One of the reasons we go back every year is for the competitions for crafts, flowers,                              (these dahlias won best in show and were grown by a very  frisky 89 year old gentleman)

flower arranging (in this case just leaf arranging, isn't it wonderful)

and home produce. Honey and vegetables. Check out those leeks and parsnips!!

So what did we bring home from the day..........................Tah - Da!!!!

Two firsts, Two seconds and a third!!

First prize for Mr Thrift Bees honey.
First prize for my Peas (for the fouth year running - I'm a legume legend!!)
Second prize for my green beans.
Second prize for my handmade apron. (First time entering craft section, i'm particularly chuffed with that one)
and Little Bee won third prize for her purple beans presented on a red heart shaped plate.

So a great day out, with a small profit in prize money which pays for seeds and compost for the vegetable garden for next year. It means we get about 6-8 months worth of fruit and veg for free!!!


  1. Oh ow, I was mucho jealous of you just going to a country show - I've alays wanted to go to one - never mind competing in one. And never mind even more WINNING ROSETTES!!!! Well done x

  2. You've swept the board! Good work team TB. In the veggie Olympics you've done us proud! I love county shows, I once got a trophy for my sausage rolls ;-)

  3. Congratulations!! This was like a little movie with a very happy ending :)

  4. Oh Wow you did so well ;-)) Well done you i bet you were so excited. What a wonderful show those quilts are stunning what amazing work, texture and colours the one with the face is incredible. Thank you so much for stopping by mine and for your lovely comment. dee x

  5. wow, those quilts are just wonderful. How amazing - shame there was nothing like that at our local show, but we did have plenty of cows and plenty of fun - do love these - they are such timeless community centered events

  6. wow congrats on your wins. this looks like such a wonderful day. those dahlias are beautiful. i really enjoyed your account of the day and your photos capture it beautifully.

  7. Many congratulations! I need to take lessons, my very are far from prize winning! I do love agricultural shows though and we make a point of going to them here in Cornwall too. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  8. Always love an agricultural show, that looks quite a big one so very well done on your prize-winning entries.
    Following you back now, nice to meet you!


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