Thursday, 12 July 2012

Pretty handy.

I'm always drawn to pieces that can be useful for display or storage or both. A couple of recent thrifted finds manage to fall into both categories. 

The wooden left hand mannequin with 15 joints can be shaped into many life like poses, it's intended use is for life drawing and they can fetch around €25. This one cost me €2 and I thought it would be perfect for displaying rings.

Which meant I could justify rooting around in boxes of tangled jewelry looking for a few new sparklers.

I don't think I ever really went to school with a case like this, so why is this one so familiar? Perhaps my older sister or brother had one, but as soon as I saw it I new it would be mine. Old style hard school case €2 

Made in Ireland, Portarlington Co. Laois, whats so interesting about compressed fibre? Isn't that just hard cardboard?

The last kid who owned this little baby got a bit handy with the felt tip markers. 
Mmmmm......I feel a bit of a makeover coming on?


  1. Tee hee i like that hand! I'd be tempted to leave little 'messages' about my mood with it tho! So what do you have in mind for your suitcase? Decopage? I got a little battered Leather suitcase a few weeks ago that i'm planning to attack with some shoe dyes once the weather good enogh to go outside to do it x

  2. Your purchase should come in "Handy". *hehehe* I love that case!

  3. Wow, looks really good. I had a model hand like that, mine was more tall with the arm. I used to carry the bangles and the rings on it, I gave it to a girl who really loved it so much.

    Your hand ha ha, looks like it is sort of moving
    am following you, hope you can follow back, would like to stay close

  4. I LOVE the hand, what a deal! Great way to display rings. :)

  5. The hand is fab, I have a spooky black ceramic type one for some of my rings but this is very cool indeed.

  6. Only just discovered you??
    Saw some jewels and a vintage case and I thought......count me in!
    I want a hand, perfect for modelling my handmade rings. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration. X


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