Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Ta-dah Tuesday - eggcellent!!!!

Two months ago with Little Bees birthday money we went shopping for a new flock of hens. I posted about it here. and here

Betty, Ginger, Rosy (showing her backside) Bluebell and Russell (Crow)

The hens, we were told were about two weeks away from laying.
Hens start to lay at about 26 weeks old, you can tell when they are close because their combs go redder and redder. We waited and watched patiently........the weather turned a bit colder and the days got shorter and both less heat and especially less light will slow down egg production, or in this case delay it starting. They could, of course, have been younger birds, but they were bought from a lovely free range hen seller who is unlikely to have lied about their age.

We went to Scotland last week for the weekend (and had a fabulous time). Our neighbours very kindly fed and locked up the flock at night. When we got home I went to feed them and found four lovely fresh eggs waiting for me. I am so happy to be back in our own egg production again. In fact i was so excited I forgot to photograph the eggs but cooked one up for Little Bee to have when she got in from school.

Ta-Dah! Happy Days!!


  1. How Wonderful! and there is such a world of difference between homegrown and shop bought with freshness and taste i always buy from the side of the road home producers now. But i am soon to join your ranks, terry is building me a chook house for christmas, and claud and i get to choose a hen each-yipee!

  2. How wondeful! Eggs-citing indeed! Lovely to see Russell and his girls looking so beautiful. xxx

  3. I am very envious, I would love some hens but dont have the room. Imagine your own fresh eggs....fantastic!

  4. OOoh, envious! We had 3 bantums when I was a teenager and their eggs were so wonderful they maked me like eggs! Before that, I didn't like them! Now I can't get enough of them! Thanks for teachign me that really interesting fact about the combs! Eeek, hope I don't scruitinize every hen I meet too much!x

  5. What good girls you have, must be Russell keeping them in line (love that name!!) My chooks are being very slack, and they don't have short days and cold weather as an excuse, instead they are all going broody, so I'm not getting as many eggs as I should, grrrr. Also enjoyed your bee post, my sister has 4 hives right bang in the middle of Christchurch. S:)

  6. Oh how wonderful! Its my dream to have chickens one day as you can't beat a fresh egg so much more yummy than shop bought!

    Ps. Thank you for visiting my blog and your kind words xxx

  7. I'm PROUD of, not just my girl Rosy, but the whole gang!!!!

  8. So jealous you went to Scotland! Love looking at the chicken photos too, I love to just watch them move around. Fascinating little Dino-decendants they be :)

  9. Oh you can really tell a super fresh egg, the yolk on yours looks lovely. One day I shall have chickens!


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